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iEngineer is the most comprehensive database of screw/bolt information that you can find anywhere. Find out more

US screws:

  • 93 different screws from #0 to 4”
  • Dimensions for 9 standard head styles
  • 29 material grades including SAE, ASTM, and other materials

Metric Screws (available as in-app purchase):

  • 210 different metric screws from M1.0 to M100
  • Dimensions for 10 standard head styles for ISO, DIN, BS, and ANSI standards where available
  • 41 material grades including 12 additional metric grades, SAE, ASTM, and other materials

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Gravity Meter

Gravity Meter

This is a simple app that allows you to measure the effects of gravity. It displays how many G's you are experiencing and the gravitational acceleration.

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Moodlight Speedometer

Mood Light Speedometer is a simple digital speedometer and compass with a mood light that is constantly changing depending on your speed and heading.

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